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Saree Dress

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This beautiful dress is made with love and care by the Saheli Women in North India. The dress is made from a beautiful up-cycled silk saree. As every saree is unique, every dress is one-of-a kind. No one will have the same dress as you (more info below)
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Our collection of summer dresses with unique Indian saree prints is more than just fashion; it's a celebration of culture, craftsmanship, and empowerment. By choosing these dresses, you’re not only enhancing your summer wardrobe but also supporting the talented Saheli women and their communities in India. Embrace the beauty of these prints and the stories they tell, and make a statement of style and solidarity this summer.


We selected the most beautiful saree's to work with to make every dress a little piece of colorful art. 


The dresses are made from high quality up-cycled saree's. The qualities vary from silk to viscose. 

Size: One size

The dresses are made to fit every beautiful body, so you don't have to worry about the size. (the back part of the dress makes sure it is a good fit for everyone). 


The beautiful story of the Saheli Women:

Saheli, meaning ‘female friend’ in Hindi, is a foundation that educates women in rural India to become tailors and thereby helps them to become financial independent. Every woman working for the foundation gets paid 3 times more than average, and the wellbeing of the women that are employed is the top priority. Because in India, it is believed that the female head in each household sets the tone for the rest of the family.  If the woman is happy, the rest of the family is happy.

In 2015 founder Madhu Vaishnav started the foundation with the goal to make women in rural India financial independent, but more importantly, to create a working environment where women feel safe, happy and can develop themselves. She started the foundation with a big mission and a small budget of 100 dollars . She started teaching one woman at the time and slowly expanded her foundation into the beautiful foundation that it is today.

Now eight years later,  Madhu is proud to have more than 50 women working in her foundation and made a huge impact on the lives of all these women. She not only provides them with work, but the Saheli women foundation is a family that supports each other in the good and bad times.

The Saheli women atelier

The first day I visited the foundation, I was overcome by a wave of happiness and positivity. The women are working at the atelier with great pleasure and are super proud of their work. As they should be! The foundation stands for slow fashion. Every dress made by the Saheli women is made with heart and soul and results in little pieces of colorful art.

It didn’t take long before we got all our ideas together and designed a beautiful collection together. The party began when the textiles came out. We decided to make dresses from up-cycled sarees. These sarees have been worn on special occasions in India, and now we have selected the best ones to give a new life into beautiful dresses.

Our Mission:

By creating the StoryDress collection in collaboration with the Saheli Women foundation, we financially support the foundation to keep growing and share their beautiful story of empowering women.