StoryDress for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

StoryDress designed for KLM a stunning Branding Dress that represents the National Royal brand. 


StoryDress Klm dress


StoryDress for the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

StoryDress was commissioned to design the Branding Dresses for the festive opening of the new entree of the van Gogh Museum. 

The collection tells the magnificent story behind the eyes and paintbrush of Vincent van Gogh through dresses, coats and scarfs with

prints of his masterpieces. 

van Gogh Collection


StoryDress for Art Museum Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

StoryDress transformed the works of Mondrian into wearable pieces of art. These pieces were showcased in Brasil during the Mondrian

exposition in Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte and in Rio de Janeiro. 



StoryDress for Royal Delft 2019

In collaboration with Royal Delft StroyDress designer Suzan Meijer translated the world’s famous heritage craft of Delftware into glorious wearable pieces of art. The Peacock Dress takes after the porcelain collection

with the illustrious painting created by the master painters of Royal Delft. Inspired by the peacock, the bird that symbolizes beauty, pride and dignity, this dress will make you feel like royalty!

StoryDress for LXRY Fair 2016

StoryDress was commissioned to design and create a Branding Dress with the campaign

image of the Masters of LXRY 2016.

Masters of LXRY


StoryDress Gown Garnier Opera House

Tailor Made Gown Garnier Opera House, Paris.  

Palais Garnier Opera House


StoryDress Gown Venice


Venice back


StoryDress Bal de la Rosa Monaco

Tailor made gowns for the Bal de la Rosa in Monte Carlo Monaco. 

Tailer Made Rose Bal Montecarlo Monaco

Grand Prix Monaco

Tailor made gown for the Grand Prix in Monte Carlo Monaco. 

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